Web Design

Brand message in every pixel.

We design websites to harness the latest technologies and push them further. And the responsive design we create for every website is a testament to that. We push the limits of informational architecture so users can navigate everything with ease. We question every aspect of the web design to achieve a remarkable level of simplicity and usability. The results? Beautiful, impossibly precise designs of color, space and information — without compromise.

Responsive DesignPrecision. Repeated for 10 different device sizes.

Every pixel of the Website's template is designed, engineered and built to the most exacting standards. Something that 10 different device sizes makes exceedingly clear. As does the 4 different device views designed around the 4 common types of devices — so every interaction feels as natural as it can. It’s attention to that interaction that inspires Website's responsiveness.

  • Devices 4 different types
  • Breakpoints 10 different sizes

Designed for a wider device palette Found in More Mobile Searches.

Many of the brilliant, unique sites you see in the real world never make it in your mobile searches. Designing Website for a wider device palette makes it more available in mobile search. Way more. So whether it's a Website about hair styling or pest extermination, you’ll see them in searches on every device you use — and higher than ever.

55% of searches on mobile.

To draw potential customers from search engines, you've got to appear in their searches. Designing for a wider device palette does just that. Responsive design moves well beyond the typical web design with breakpoints for 4 different types of devices and multiple sizes of the smaller devices. This is achieved by coding in HTML5 and CSS3 media queries and using Javascript or PHP to determine the device's width or type. So Website shows the display designed for that device or that device.

One website for all devices.

Many smaller devices, including smart phones and tablets, have fewer resources and less bandwidth than a typical laptop or desktop. With mobile-first design, Website viewed on a mobile device is able to load only the resources needed for that mobile devices. So go ahead and start adding desktop-only features. Mobile will be just as fast.

Custom UI.
Maximum UX.

A more advanced informational architecture. The informational architecture, or “IA,” is the brains of Website's navigation — it defines the menus and each page in them. We create your informational architecture to enhance the user's experience and call the user to action. This architecture is reflected in your urls, the breadcrumbs and the sitemap, which tells search engines about your website's content.

Orchestrating the performance of your content.

Engineering a responsive design involves the precise calibration of multiple systems that make up the display. And in that process we improve not only the layout but also the delivery of the entire design. So in addition to the incredible detail, you’ll see a consistent layout and faster delivery of your brand message.

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Delivering true‑to‑life imagery.

Photo enhancement. To improve images, we Photoshop them. This involves adjusting the images' axes to remove perspective distortions for the entire image, so when it is viewed, it looks the way it should. Cropping, editing and adjusting color and contrast makes the focal point of the image easier to see and experience than the original.

Adaptive images. Website has a good informational architecture so people want to navigate through the menus. For each page, a website needs to load all images on the page. To make sure Website is fast on every device, we use adaptive image technology that controls the images' size based on the browser width. The result is a display with images that are only as large as necessary, no matter which device you view them on.

Clearing the way for your brand message.

Font, typography, color, texture and animation. With so much space on a display, clear communication requires style. It emphasizes key messages, signals what users should do and prevents any loss that could result from not drawing attention to key messages and calls to action. This maintains the focus of your messages and greater user engagement.

Custom TemplateUnlimited Flexibility.
All the right regions.

Each custom template is a revolution: an all-in-one template system that put everything — header, menus, content, footer, sidebar, forms, blocks and more — inside one simple, fluid enclosure. Website includes the most advanced and most brilliant template system we’ve ever built, and it’s filled with just what's needed to for high performance. Yet it’s still incredibly light.

  • As small as 0.5MBwithout fonts

Seamless design.

One of the biggest challenges our UI developers face with Website's template is how each section should behave at different dimensions. The devices are so different, it’s not possible to design for just one without compromising user experience. So we utilized a variation of responsive design called mobile-first. It combines designing for mobile devices first and loading width-dependent resources only when needed — creating a seamless, quick and elegant presentation on mobile.

Mobile EnvironmentWebsite and Mobile Phones.

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Resources efficient.

Website features mobile-friendly, responsive design that load only the resources necessary for that device. Fewer resources means faster download times. Which makes users happy. And makes Google happy, which rewards better user experience with better search results.

Search Engine friendly.

We design our websites to be free of many possibly harmful design methods, including iframes, splash screens, flash, content in images, pop ups and excess URL variables. We also make them with proper navigation, breadcrumbs and XML sitemaps that submit themselves to Google and Bing daily.

Responsibly designed.

As a result of all our efforts, Website far exceeds the stringent performance standards set by Google, earning perfect ratings. And it has earned the highest rating of A from Yahoo's YSlow test, which evaluate the page's speed performance, how many resources it uses, and how long it takes to load.