Responsive. Built for all devices.

The idea behind Website has never wavered: to craft the ultimate user experience. A pixel-perfect UI, paired with high performance hosting, images and caching - all within an incredible light load. And that commitment continues with every Website. Each Website delivers brand messages in such high quality that everything around them seems to fade into the background. Website provides the most immersive website experience yet - with beautiful design, best-practice development, high performance and extensive functionality.


Website with Performance

Responsive Design More than just a luxury. It's a necessity.

Precision. Ease of navigating. Speed. Regardless of how you measure the quality of a responsive design, Website is in a class by itself. Breakpoints are so precise, you'll feel like Website was designed for every possible device. Text is sized for each type of device, so your messages are perfectly sized for each device. And with new break points for today's wider device palette, Website delivers a more precise user experience - 50% more than the standard breakpoints. And we contain device specific styles to only their devices, so your website responds quicker than ever.

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For the device in their hands. The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus introduced new pixel dimensions. We add 2 additional breakpoints to Website to customize the user's experience for those displays.

Design Brand message
in every pixel.

An incredible amount of development is required to bring an effortless responsive design to Website. Website's design is light weight - yet completely personifies your brand. This ensures that nothing gets between your visitors and your brand messages. Seamless and beautiful, Website's responsive design is an elegant addition to your brand that builds brand equity and represents you around the clock.

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Caching Faster resource serving and delivery.

Website is all about your brand messages. But it's also about delivering those messages quickly. Website gives you the best of all worlds. It's intelligently developed to combine server-side page caching with client-side browser caching. Said another way, your webpages are prepared in advance, so they're built before they're requested. This reduces the delay in producing the page. Website also caches your reusable resources on visitors' browsers. Visitors experience faster load-times as they re-access pages with browser-cached assets. Website can cache 100% of your webpages on the server, and nearly all assets on visitors' browsers.

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  • Up to 100% Cached

Performance Built for speed.
For maximum user experience.

Faster and more powerful than ever, Website is equipped with the a field-proven enterprise-class content management system and cloud hosting, and the latest methods for minifying, aggregating, deferring, caching and compressing resources. These deliver your Website at maximum speed - for maximum user experience.

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  • As low as 113ms Time to
    to First Byte
  • As low as 1sec To Document

Applications Flexible. Powerful. Extensible.

E-commerce, forums, blogs and CRM are developed to make every user interaction feel amazing. For you, automatic access control lists and role management deliver more control and functionality than ever before. More than 18 distinct functions make Website work magic for you.

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Add a few products or operate an entire online store, with on-site checkout and automatic payment processing and distribution, all natively within Website.


Send newsletters and manage subscriptions natively within website or add a form and integrate with MailChimp, Constant Contact or phpList.


Manage contacts, activities and relationships within website. Record transactions, automate tasks and track performance and productivity.

Plays well with others Built to work with third-party technologies.

Website is astonishingly light-weight. But it's incredibly powerful. Website is designed to work with third party technologies and APIs without compromising security and performance. Custom jQuery effects and jQuery UI user interface elements provide endless possibilities. Google remarketing tags and Facebook remarketing tags allow you to restrict new ads to those who responded to prior ads. Google Analytic tags allow tracking how people flow through Website. Website integrates with third-party email marketing systems, like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, and social media platforms, like Facebook, Google and Twitter. Website can even submit your web pages to search engines like Google and Yahoo - automatically and regularly.

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Development The world's most advance-able
content management system.

Web Development is what makes Website what it is. It's designed to be intuitive and easy to use, but also engineered to take full advantage of its responsive design - you see everything on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile with stunning clarity. It can serve tons of applications that apply every day. And it's all developed natively, so everything works together seemlessly to do amazing things.

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Applications Our built-in apps.
For common applications.

Every website comes with a portfolio, video and audio, custom content forms, webform, blog, social media profiles and social sharing. So you can get started right away. You also get global direct to clean, auto-generating SEO urls, so Website is SEO-ready and you can start generating leads.

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  • Portfolios
  • Video
  • Feeds
  • Content Creation
  • E-Commerce
  • Brand Equity
  • Leads
  • Newsletters
  • Webforms
  • Social Media
  • Calendar
  • Blogs
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Store
  • Collaborate
  • Store Locator
  • CRM
  • Automated Tasks

Mobile Apps Website serves your mobile apps data to your mobile apps.

Website stores everything needed to render your user interface, menus, images, text and actions in browsers. Now, website can store information for mobile apps. Website can safely store all the data mobile apps need to perform their job. So no matter how your message is being viewed, it'll always be available and up-to-date.

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