Online Marketing

Be where your clients are.

Online marketing puts you in front of your customers where they are. It delivers your brand messages to the people you care most about attracting. And it keeps you connected with those you've already attracted. Yes, it’s built to work perfectly with Website and Brand to do so much more.

Search Engine Marketing Be where leads search.

SEO Improve visibility in search engines.

Because Website is developed for user experience, it can be optimized for search engines to the highest levels. SEO improves your web pages' positions in search engine result pages and the amount of clicks from search engines. It also improves visitors continuing through your Website. So more people searching for your products and services see your Website in the search engines and click through to your brand messages on your Website.

Adwords Guaranteed traffic from Google.

Of all the ways to attract leads from search, Adwords may be the easiest. And the most direct. To get traffic, ads are placed on search engine result pages. Or on third party websites that contain subject matter related to your product or service. Adwords lets you direct ads to users who responded to prior ads, reducing the cost of re-marketing to users who previously expressed interest.

Social media marketing Be where you clients hang out.

Facebook sharing Reach followers.

It's easy to share your brand message to those who follow your Facebook page. And to those connected to followers who share your posts. Website lets you share your blog posts, galleries, news entries and other content to Facebook with a few clicks, carrying your title, description and teaser image from your website to Facebook and linking directly back to your website. It even lets you add your own message. Facebook campaigns make it easy to reach your followers on Facebook.

Facebook ads Reach the masses.

You won’t just reach your followers, you'll reach the masses, more easily and efficiently targeting members with profiles that match your target profile. You'll be able to see full analytics - post engagement, clicks and goals reached. You'll be able to run concurrent Facebook Ads and target custom audiences, including those that interacted with a prior ad at a certain amount of time ago. Advertising with Facebook is smooth, effective and fun — a whole new way to connect with potential clients.

Social Media Campaigns Reach your audience.

The ways you gather and share online are more impressive than ever. To reach your audience, you have to go where your audience is - YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. Website makes sharing brand messages easy, so you can distribute your brand message in the format for each platform easily. Custom campaign strategies reinforce value propositions where your audience is. And Website can schedule sharing, so your message gets shared exactly when you want.

Integrating Social Media Bringing social media to you.

Users don't always have time to visit your social media profiles for what you've shared. Website can bring content from social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to Website. For example, Website can download all Instagram content tagged with a specific hash tag (#) and present it as a gallery on your website. You have lots of options for using social media in ways that are useful to users. You can even have your new blog entries shared automatically to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing Direct Communication.

Newsletters Reach out.

Newsletters are ideal for reaching people directly and telling them your message. Tell them about your products and services or new opportunities. Website make it easy to compose and send emails automatically, track opens, sort recipients into lists and manage subscriptions.

Announcements Automated Emails.

Website can let users know when new content is made available on your website. Website will send emails to the lists you select when new content is published. Add users you choose or allow users to manage their own subscriptions.